Headquartered in Jacksonville, Florida, Forcura, a leading healthcare technology company, facilitates continuity of care via technology, analytics, and a deep commitment to enable better patient care. Forcura recently announced its new artificial intelligence-enabled technology, Referral Automation with IQ, to help users identify and accept new patient referrals rapidly, thus eliminating an estimated two hours from clients’ typical referral workflows.

Operational cost savings, improved relationships with referring physicians, and increased cash flow will prove beneficial for the post-acute providers. Forcura’s IQ technology will help patients transit more quickly and safely into their next phase of care.

Using machine learning, Referral Automation with IQ automatically identifies as well as classifies new referral documents received through fax in the Forcura platform. The auto-indexing of the patient’s demographic information is done after the extraction of data, which is later cross-checked with the existing patient’s information in the client’s electronic health record (EHR) system. Duplication in the creation of patient’s records is prevented using this feature. If there is no existing patient, users can create patient details within Forcura and send the record directly to the EHR to start the onboarding process. Through more automatic referrals, Forcura aims to fulfill customer expectations for the conversion of records to data and helps reduce costly errors that can interrupt patient care or question data integrity.

Tony Miller, Chief Operating Officer at Angels Care Home Health, said, “At Angels Care Home Health, we are passionate about giving our patients the right care at the right time, and we recognize the value of technology that allows us to accept and treat patients sooner.” He added, “We gladly participated in Forcura’s IQ beta period precisely so we could see how much time we’ll save in onboarding new patients, and expect to see dividends as our staff accepts and delivers care to a growing patient population.”

Annie Erstling, Chief Strategy Officer at Forcura, states, “There could not be a better time to introduce this technology to the market. At the start of the Covid-19 public health crisis, patients were forced to delay elective procedures. Now that hospitals are able to perform those services, the post-acute sector is beginning to see a surge not just of more patients, but potentially sicker people who will require their care. Our IQ technology will help expedite those care transitions and make a material difference for our clients like Angels Care Home Health, patients, and their loved ones.”

The  Forcura’s Referral Automation with IQ platform helps post-acute care providers to maintain a detailed flow of information and documentation for all types of businesses through seamless integration with EHRs. Forcura, for sure, has launched a powerful tool that will prove to be a great transition for the post-acute industry, moving from document-intensive to data-driven segment of healthcare.