Microsoft is on the verge of closing down its Azure Blockchain Services till September 10, 2021. The authorities have confirmed that the big brand will handle existing deployments, but no new deployments or member creation are supported as of May 10 of this year.

In 2015, Microsoft first entered into Azure Blockchain as a Service (BaaS) with an offer on the Etherum Platform with ConsenSys. Later, in January 2016, Microsoft took a step to a preview of a lab environment in Azure’s DevTest Labs. The vision was to make Blockchain-related services and partners disintegrate the Blockchain technology from the virtual machine.

According to its short-term goals, Microsoft wanted to discover a certified blockchain marketplace for its Azure BaaS. Officials believed that their main aim was to add blockchain partners of all kinds rather than picking up a limited number of potential winners.

Blockchain technology forms the base of cryptocurrency Bitcoin. However, many engineering vendors and consumers believed it had far more applications. A blockchain is a distributed ledger that can store the entire transaction history of any type of record, not just cryptocurrency. As a result, it gained the attention of some businesses, especially those in banking and finance.

As a result, Microsoft released an Azure BaaS preview but hasn’t done anything to upgrade the service yet. Customers listed on Microsoft’s Azure BaaS product page include GE, J.P. Morgan, Singapore Airlines, Starbucks, and Xbox.

According to Microsoft’s documents, users can begin migrating to an alternative as soon as possible. ConsenSys Quorum Blockchain Service is the suggested migration destination. Users may also use VMs to self-manage their blockchains.