Technology is at the forefront once again.

Thanks to Hi Technologies and its efforts on mass production of COVID-19 tests that give results in just 15 minutes.

Hi Technologies, based out of Brazil, broke the news about its current efforts on mass production of a quick test for Covid-19.

The tech start-up has all its 130 employees focused on producing and delivering these tests and are estimated to be ready by mid April (approximately second week of April).

The company would give priority to the state of São Paulo with highest concentration of confirmed cases in the country. Additionally, Curitiba in the southern state of Parana will remain on the priority list, where the company is located.

More about Hi Technologies

Established in 2004 at Curitiba’s technological incubator Intec, the company is partly owned by Positivo Tecnologia, one of the leading tech manufacturers in Brazil, and the company acquired 60% share in the start-up in 2016.