Digital Matter, a global leader in IoT hardware and GPS development, entered into a partnership with Helium, one of the world’s first peer-to-peer wireless networks’ company. The collaboration will allow both the companies to coordinate over Digital Matter’s portfolio of GPS and IoT tracking devices that will look upon a range of applications to be fully integrated on Helium’s IoT Network, The People’s Network.

GPS and IoT devices from Digital Matter now use Helium’s peer-to-peer wireless network, operated by the Helium Hotspot. This new hardware device allows anyone to own and operate a wireless IoT network and acts as the backbone of the network, which is often called The People’s Network when connected to other nearby Hotspots.

Helium came into existence as there was an urgent need for affordable network connectivity. Through Helium’s own open-sourced blockchain technology, individuals are encouraged to install Hotspots, which mine cryptocurrency simultaneously and include hundreds of square miles of LoRaWAN network coverage. Hotspots are small router size (6-inch x 6-inch x 1.5-inch) and easy to plug into a home network, offering inexpensive wireless access for location tracking and theft recovery applications, such as tracking and monitoring vehicles, trailers, bicycles, equipment, pets and livestock, and more.

“Partnering with Helium helped to dissolve many of the technical and financial barriers encountered when setting up LPWA networks for asset tracking applications,” said Matthew Hofmeyr, Vice President, Sales North America, Digital Matter. “With Helium, we now have a reliable and secure, out-of-the-box connectivity solution that our channel partners, businesses, and consumers can deploy quickly and easily, substantially accelerating time to market.”

“We have been a fan of Digital Matter’s GPS and IoT devices for some time and are thrilled to align with them,” said Amir Haleem, Helium’s CEO and Co-founder. “Partnering with Digital Matter was a logical next step for Helium, and we are looking forward to working together in years to come.”

Users may configure Digital Matter devices with Helium to suit specific applications, with settings such as how often the system reports position, accelerometer, and motion parameters, after hours of warnings, and more easily configurable over the air.