• Both the firms aim to provide a Maintenance, Repairs and Operations as-a-Service (MROaaS) model for commercial buildings, enterprise, and industrial facilities.
  • Partnering with Sensfix will help IP500 Alliance offer its customers a ready-to-use O and M automation standard combined with the wireless standard.

IP500 Alliance, the international consortium of Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) offering safety and security certified wireless connectivity for commercial buildings and industrial facilities, announced a partnership with Sensfix, a fast-growing Silicon Valley-based Enterprise SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) provider.

Both organizations have established the world’s first wireless IoT network integrated with Machine-2-Service capabilities with this partnership. With this facility management companies and building owners will be able to take advantage of unmanned and fully automated operations and maintenance (O and M) of machines and devices in buildings and facilities.

Offering category-defining Maintenance, Repairs and Operations as-a-Service (MROaaS) model for commercial buildings, enterprise, and industrial facilities, Sensfix helps them save up to 30% on their O and amp;M spend using AI and immersive technologies.

Sensfix’s enterprise SaaS product sens-Facility Suite comprises stakeholder-specific web and mobile apps. These web and apps connect to OEM devices in the building infrastructure either through Building Management Systems, EDGE Gateways, and Routers or third-party wired and wireless communication protocols. This helps build a connected maintenance platform that offers self-learn digital workflows using Artificial Intelligence (AI) insights and mixed-reality (MR) remote assists in an immersive environment.

Sensfix is currently working on IP500’s fully interoperable CNX200 generation IoT wireless network, which offers one of the best robustness, redundancy, data rate, range, and low latency time ( and lt;50ms per hop) in an actual dual-band mesh network topology (2.4 GHz and 865 MHz).

IP500 is also very well compatible with the 5G protocol. This makes it a preferred wireless IoT standard for commercial and industrial 5G roll-outs where safety-critical infrastructure elements would interface seamlessly over IP500 protocol to the Sensfix platform. This, in turn, bridges the 5G network to harness third-party IoT, RPA, Digital Twins, and AR/VR-based immersive solutions.

Expert’s view

“Sensfix is excited to partner with IP500 Alliance and explore go-to-market opportunities worldwide in the USD 70B smart buildings market that is growing and gt;10% year-over-year,” said Balaji Renukumar, Founder and CEO, Sensfix, Inc. “Sensfix is changing the way building owners and facility management companies operate and maintain their machines and devices by ushering in a new standard for Operations and Maintenance Automation using AI and mixed reality. IP500 is emerging as a preferred IoT wireless standard for commercial buildings and industrial facilities by offering an open, secure, scalable, and vendor-neutral mesh connectivity. By partnering with Sensfix, IP500 has chosen to distinguish itself as the first wireless IoT standard with Machine-2-Service capabilities that adds new value-added services right at the EDGE level.”

“Collaborating with Sensfix is a winning strategy for IP500 Alliance. Unlike Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee etc. that traditionally focus on being a standard only at the wireless RF level we believe in adding more value to our end-users like building owners, system integrators, installers, etc. by offering them a ready-to-use O and amp;M automation standard (built by Sensfix) strongly coupled with the wireless standard. We believe in the grander vision of Sensfix to enable every device to discover and schedule the nearest service personnel and manage immersive maintenance ticketing automatically by itself. We are looking forward to continuing to do great things together,” said Helmut Adamski, Chairman, IP500 Alliance.