• Deploying Bluetooth-connected devices, Zyter Smart Hospitals can monitor medication temperature and warn of any changes. It also can monitor the end-to-end chain of custody for a vaccine, right from production to the hospital, to the time it is given to a patient.

Zyter Inc., a Rockville, Md based digital health and IoT-enabled platform that offers a comprehensive range of healthcare solutions, has introduced Zyter Smart Hospitals. It is a  comprehensive intelligent solution engineered to connect hospital’s disparate data systems, people, departments, and the most recent IoT (Internet of Things) technology devices on Zyter’s robust and excellent digital communication and collaboration platform.

As per a company mention, Zyter’s smart hospital solution is extremely secure, highly customizable, and HIPAA compliant. The solution is engineered for exceptional healthcare services, integrates patient medical device monitoring at the hospital bedside and home, care team collaborative communication, patient tracking, medical asset monitoring, with the help of entire network-connected IoT devices and sensors.

Zyter’s thoughtfully crafted solution also comes with a hospital navigation mobile app for patients and visitors, along with smart, real-time monitoring features for hospital building facilities such as HVAC systems, security systems, and more.

Sanjay Govil, Founder and CEO, Zyter, strongly believes that with Zyter, the next-gen of smart and digitally connected hospitals will have a competitive advantage of being safer and more patient experience-oriented, with enhanced operational efficiencies for physicians and staff. The solution will also be light on the pocket with lesser building maintenance costs as a result of smarter energy management.

Zyter Smart Hospitals feature list

Hospital bed device monitoring:

Enhances patient safety and results by gathering and providing the nursing with real-time physiologic data gained from several medical devices connected to the patient.

Asset monitoring:

It is a feature that offers a single interface for better monitoring, safety, and control of all critical medical assets involving medicines, equipment, and vaccines. With the help of Bluetooth-connected devices, Zyter Smart Hospitals offer the capability to monitor the vaccine temperature and share an alert on any changes, right from production until the vaccine is given to a patient.

Mobile navigation app:

This Bluetooth-enabled app is made available on mobile devices to guide patients with step-by-step directions to locations with the hospital premises for a safe and exceptional patient experience.

Patient tracking:

This element detects and notifies the staff whenever a disoriented dementia patient or any other patient attempts to leave the hospital room or building exits.

Patient monitoring:

Allows doctors to monitor post-surgery patients’ condition at home, concluding with better patient results and a significant decrease in readmissions. Here, patients use a pre-programmed 4G-enabled device that automatically tracks and transfers data from their home medical devices to their physician.

Geared up for 5G connectivity, Zyter Smart Hospitals makes it easy for hospitals of every size to upgrade from legacy hard-wired IT and Wi-Fi systems to a private 5G enabled IT or cellular network that works with multiple IoT devices.

On the connectivity front, Zyter has joined hands with Qualcomm and other leading telecom companies to provide hospitals access to enhanced connectivity services. Zyter solutions have a global clientele, and the company also has a direct sales presence in India.