• Two days live event will cover six subject tracks, over 35 sessions, more than 5,000 attendees, 50 plus exhibitors, and 90-day platform and event access.

Cannabis and amp; Tech Today is the first publication that concentrated on technology in the burgeoning industry, in collaboration with multiple enterprises, media outlets, industry brands, and cannabis events. The publication announced that the Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference will be held on September 8 and 9, 2020.

Eliciting from the cannabis industry’s most excellent practitioners, activists, and leaders, the Emerge Conference combines talent with an immersive, avatar-based virtual ecosystem to keep the industry educated on the most recent cannabis policies, discoveries, innovations, and trends.

The conference will focus on the following key pointers:

  • Corporate responsibility
  • Future of cannabis
  • Social equity

Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference and amp; Expo is a live two-day kick-off leading to 90 days of learning, business, and networking on the most experimental platform across the globe. Attendees must personalize their avatars to step into Emerge, thus adding gamification and immersion to the experience.

Once the conference is over, the Expo floor will be accessible for about 90 days, even after the event, enabling attendees to intermingle with more than 30 sessions, a job fair, an investment pitch-off, a virtual exhibition hall, an aboriginal cannabis art show, and powerful keynotes. There will be even a virtual swag bag for all attendees and an airship that surrounds the convention center for 90 days.

In total, there will be about six tracks with over 35 sessions of pre-recorded and live content over two days. Both experts and entrepreneurs will cover content on science and amp; technology, cultivation and amp; manufacturing, investing in cannabis, retail and amp; dispensaries, advocacy and amp; minorities in cannabis, and cannabis marketing and amp; PR. Other prominent sessions include Hemp as a Native American Cash Crop, Minority-Driven Innovation, and Multicultural Voices in Cannabis Law.

A part of event’s profits will be contributed and help social influence allies, Minorities for Medical Marijuana (M4MM). Mary Baily, Last Prisoner Project Managing Editor, states, “Last Prisoner Project is honored to participate in the upcoming Emerge conference and grateful for the opportunity to host a conversation about social justice in the cannabis industry.”

Charles Warner, CEO of IPW and Editor-in-Chief of Cannabis and amp; Tech Today, said, “Leveraging our connections in the technology sector, we wanted to create a unique virtual event that not only unifies the industry through technology but also addresses the need for social equity and corporate responsibility during this time of crisis.”

The Emerge Virtual Cannabis Conference will reveal a fascinating 3D virtual platform from HYPERFAIR VC, the first firm in North America to debut the technology in this type of event. It offers spectators the capability to engage and cooperate with customizable, life-like, and interactive avatars.

“Emerge sponsors will have a virtual booth. Not a square in a Zoom meeting that represents a booth, but a life-like, customizable, navigable, 2D booth that avatar attendees walk in, and out of, to interact with your brand,” Warner said. “It’s like a video game – fun, engaging, and effective.”

About Emerge Virtual Cannabis conference

Emerge is brought to you by Innovative Properties Worldwide and co-produced by Andre Bourque, in partnership with Cannabis LAB, LeafWire, Farechild, and others. The platform is powered by HYPERFAIR VC.

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