Manus, an immersive technology developer specializing in high-fidelity finger tracking for motion capture and virtual reality (VR), announced the Manus Pro Tracker, the company’s first professional SteamVR tracker specifically for virtual production, motion capture (Mocap), and full-body VR.

Commenting on the announcement, Bart Loosman, CEO at Manus, said: “After years of using SteamVR Tracking, we are excited to launch our own SteamVR enabled product. We have been amazed by the accuracy and ease-of-use of this tracking solution for a long time. As one of the very first companies in the world to get access to the SteamVR technology, we hope to improve the workflow of creative professionals around the world with our very own professional tracker.”

The Manus Pro Tracker features “the most sensors in any SteamVR tracker available” and uses the latest sensor hardware, which results in more reliable SteamVR data, states the company. While talking about the tracker, Manus expressed it as “the most accurate SteamVR tracker available,” whether used for virtual production, motion capture, or virtual reality.

The tracker offers up to 4.5 hours of real-world battery life with the USB-C for wired or easy charging for wireless service. The trackers get fully charged in just an hour. The Manus Pro Tracker includes an interchangeable battery that can be easily replaced in seconds. It also has an additional charger that reduces downtime further and allows users to stay productive for as long as they need.

What makes the tracker more attractive than other available alternatives is its weight, which is 62 grams, making it 44% lighter. An integrated universal mounting adapter also enables the Manus Pro Tracker’s easy attachment on Manus Prime II series motion capture and VR gloves.

Moreover, Manus has planned to give a professional strap-set that would provide users with a more stable and universal solution for wearing experienced SteamVR trackers on the body. Both tracker and strap-set together are compatible to work well with Polygon, Manus’ full-body inverse-kinematics solution.

Pre-orders for the Manus Pro Tracker are open, with shipments expected in Q2 2021.