Sustainable by Design

Sustainable by Design

Published by: Research Desk Released: Feb 21, 2023

Sustainability has become the core strategic driver and competitive advantage for manufacturing organizations as traditional linear business models continue to get disrupted due to market and regulatory forces and the increasingly visible effects of climate change. Changing consumer sentiments and financial implications are making sustainability the default license to operate. New circular business models are data-driven and require a connected enterprise with purpose-driven ecosystems that can sense, perceive, and act.

The Sustainable by Design offering suite from Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) helps manufacturers unlock significant economic, social, and environmental value that enables sustainable processes, products, and services design, connected value chain operations, and purpose-centric ecosystems, which drive new circular business models. These data and digital technology-led solutions foster sustainability innovation in an organization while effectively addressing associated risks.

Sustainability has become a business imperative due to market and regulatory forces and climate change.

Besides evolving regulations, cost pressures due to depleting natural resources, a competitive landscape because of early movers, and consumer and investor demands are critical to shaping up manufacturers’ sustainability journey.

Based on Neural Manufacturing™, TCS’ Sustainable by Design suite of offerings helps manufacturers embed sustainability and circular economy principles.