Rethinking Cloud Security in Distributed Networks

Rethinking Cloud Security in Distributed Networks

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jun 12, 2019

Distributed networks are the new reality of today’s mobile, global workforce. Transforming cloud connectivity and security within these networks is the new challenge.

Digital transformation initiatives mean that organizations are rapidly shifting the way they do business. Often beginning with cloud application adoption, effective digital transformation requires the ability to fully secure the IT environment, including organizations’ most sensitive data, while employing new technologies at the speed of cloud.

In addition, organizations are becoming more dispersed, moving from having a few large offices or locations, to having many smaller locations. This hyper-connected global environment requires the ability to bring up new offices quickly while providing reliable, location-independent access to services and data.

How can distributed organizations achieve the reliable connectivity and holistic security they need to leverage the latest advances in IT and adopt cloud-based applications while reducing cost and supporting greater user productivity?