Super-B for IoT: Improving QoS in LoRa Networks

Super-B for IoT: Improving QoS in LoRa Networks

Published by: Research Desk Released: May 29, 2019

LoRa has several key features that have made it a strong choice for organizations that are looking to achieve efficiency and cost savings with IoT. However, as use cases for IoT deployments using LoRa become more advanced, and as IoT requirements scale, a new way of approaching the problem of how to best benefit from LoRa is required.

That’s where Super-B comes in. Super-B is an advanced protocol that is built on top of the LoRaWAN protocol while utilizing the same network infrastructure as LoRa.

By selecting IoT solutions using the Super-B protocol, many issues can be alleviated so that organizations can easily:

  • Densify IoT networks to meet their organization’s growing requirements
  • Vastly improve data delivery and QoS
  • Better secure IoT networks through firmware over the air (FOTA) updates
  • Deliver strong return on investment (ROI) by reducing the need to add hardware to scale networks

To find out more about Super-B download this white paper brought to you by Longview IoT.