Digital Transformation Requires an Autonomous Network

Digital Transformation Requires an Autonomous Network

Extreme Networks
Published by: Research Desk Released: Feb 03, 2020

This ZK Research White Paper introduces the network need for successful digital transformation – automation. The paper covers:

  • Why network evolution is mandatory
  • How legacy networks hold organizations back
  • What the autonomous network is
  • What to look for in an autonomous networking solution provider
  • Conclusion and recommendations from ZK Research

IT leaders should consider an autonomous network as a way of overcoming challenges and modernizing the network, so it’s optimized for digital businesses. Additionally, research has found that businesses embracing autonomous networking will realize the following benefits:

  • Self-validation and intent-based
  • Predictive management
  • Faster provisioning of new services
  • Operation cost savings
  • Better network security
  • Increased network reliability
  • Optimized application performance