Ransomware attacks over time have become more targeted exploiting the vulnerabilities in the system and the network. It just more than devastating for the enterprises, it’s crippling the functions and destroying the future growth options. Data is critical for any business operation so any ransomware attack will halt the business operation. So how do the enterprises deal with different cyber threats or ransomware attacks that expose the capabilities of applications and security systems? Storage Specialist Cohesity is launching the new set of tools to combat the ransomware capabilities for its data platform to directly combat the attacks. The Cohesity offers three levels of security, the first is the prevention that guards the backup copies if a hacker gets the access to the data but it will not be able to modify the data. Using the Cohestiy DataPlatform the data will be backed up to a new location. Using the Data platform the user will also be able to solve the data issues such as access or backup to ensure a higher level of protection. The multifactor authentication can help the enterprises guard against the phishing and password decryption attacks to save the data.

For the detection, the usage of the SaaS-based secondary data and application management solution the user will be able to detect any anonymous activities. It will also be able to detect the users and the IT teams that manage the data using the single platform. Using the Cohesity capabilities allows the instant mass restore so that enterprises can recover the data from hundreds of virtual machine instantly. Many of the current backup systems require weeks or days for the restore to quickly help detect the infected files in the data.

Legacy backup solutions are ineffective to deal with ransomware attacks that can cripple any enterprise without any sound. A channelized protection needs to integrate all solutions that can assist the enterprise deal with such attacks.