• Since its launch in 2017, the BLOCKv team has built an impressive technology stack to fuel its token-fuelled NFT development platform.
  • The user-friendly features from BLOCKv provide a frictionless entry point for blockchain novices that makes it possible to take non-fungible technology to the mass market.

In a major upgrade to its existing functionality, BLOCKv, a leading NFT platform, has announced the launch of an ultra-low gas NFT blockchain, new token staking tools, and the ability to create custom NFT marketplaces on their platform.

BLOCKv is further planning to collaborate with blockchain industry PR specialists Wachsman to increase the reach of its growing ecosystem and introduce a host of new platform features powered by its native VEE token.

Since its launch in 2017, the BLOCKv team has built an impressive technology stack to fuel its token-fuelled NFT development platform. This platform is fast turning into an industry standard for Fortune 500 companies to build next-gen NFT solutions.

There are over 35 million BLOCKv’s intelligent, programmable NFTs in circulation and the platform now powers four different nodes, including Vatom Inc. with its metaverse platform SpatialWeb, who count the COP26 Climate Summit, LA Comic Con, and Cannes Lions among its clientele, and global Madtech company SmartMedia Technologies, who netted over USD 80m in sales last year from clients like Unilever, PepsiCo, and Fjällräven.

The innovative development platform aims to move its stack’s offerings to the next level with the implementation of a dedicated NFT blockchain, designed as an accessible entry point for the next group of NFT purchasers, creators, and traders.

BLOCKv’s VEE token powers the EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine) based blockchain. This means all fees collected while using the platform will be classified into a single token. An email address or phone number is all that new users need to create an account on the platform. Users can easily purchase NFTs directly from their account’s wallet through integrations with leading card payment providers, narrowing the barrier for those who might find the prospect of managing private keys, multiple wallets, and high gas fees intimidating. With this new set of features, platform clients can build powerful custom NFT marketplace into their offerings, with BLOCKv partner SmartMedia Technologies’ recent three year license agreement. The Professional Bull Riders elaborates well on how the technology is already being incorporated into the fan engagement space.

Furthermore, BLOCKv has added staking capability to its VEE token on both the Ethereum and BLOCKv Mainnets so that token holders may benefit from the ecosystem’s growth. The smart contract based tool, which continuously keeps track of the amount of VEE used by the platform on a weekly basis before locating the calculated rewards between token stakers proportional to their share of the total pool, has already sent existing token holders 2.4 million VEE in rewards. Thus, a smart contract based token bridge will allow token holders to transfer their VEE from Ethereum to BLOCKv Mainnet and back with ease.

BLOCKv continues to deliver industry leading functionality to a growing number of businesses, creatives, and developers who are planning to enter into the world of NFTs, mixed reality experiences, and Metaverse.

Reeve Collins, BLOCKv Co-Founder, said, “With over 9 million NFTs and nearly 2 million new user wallets created in 2021 alone, as well as 230 million VEE tokens used as a utility since its launch, the BLOCKv ecosystem continues to go from strength to strength. The addition of two staking pools, a token bridge, and our own NFT blockchain offers token holders a new way to benefit from the increasingly widespread usage of BLOCKv technology.”