Students from the University of Cambridge have found a blockchain start-up Vaionex Corporation that has completed a seed funding round with Two Hop Ventures, a Dutch venture capital firm specializing exclusively in investing in Bitcoin SV (Satoshi Vision) start-up. The investment will help and accelerate the growth of the blockchain-based online network ecosystem of Vaionex. The details of the agreement are yet to be disclosed.

Vaionex Corporation, as an expert in solutions at the nexus of data science and blockchain technology, currently operates five proprietary blockchain-based technology platforms that help to build an established and integrated blockchain infrastructure and development ecosystem collectively, namely,

– Satolearn – a blockchain education platform

– Raspora – dynamic information platform based on the HIVE protocol

– MetaShard – on-chain database storage and management platform

– ApiAndMe – digital marketplace for buying and selling APIs

– Block-Codes – code collaboration and monetization platform

All of the above platforms offered by Vaionex Corporation connect directly with the Bitcoin SV blockchain. It is the only public blockchain with scaling and data functionalities that could transact throughput capacity needed to develop enterprise-grade blockchain applications.

A University of Cambridge student organization named Cambridge Metanet Society throws light on developing Metanet technologies using the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Members of the Cambridge Metanet Society founded the student-led Vaionex Corporation. Also, it is the student organization’s first spin-out that helps to secure venture capital funding. All the activities are prominently supported by Bitcoin Association – the global industry organization that works to provide an advanced business with the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

Talking about the announcement, Vaionex Corporation CEO Robin Kohze said: “At Vaionex, we are an ambitious group with a bold vision to become a globally recognized, best-in-class blockchain service provider. Releasing five distinct blockchain-based platforms in our first year of operations is a testament to the ability and commitment of our team, with the early feedback – including today’s funding deal – a strong sign from the market that we are heading in the right direction. Creating a blockchain start-up at the vanguard of the technology brings with it new challenges seemingly every day, but with those challenges comes insights and innovations with the power to fundamentally alter the global economy, all part of a journey we’re delighted to now be sharing with the team at Two Hop Ventures.”

Adding to it, Two Hop Ventures General Partner Alex Fauvel said: “Vaionex Corporation is a business taking full advantage of Bitcoin’s functionalities, including using it as a tool for educating students from all over the world to build software that interacts with its blockchain. They are a fast and efficient group – releasing two or three stable products in a year would be impressive; Vaionex has managed five, all with an interconnected customer pipeline that helps onboard customers from every level. Two Hop Ventures is proud to be a seed investor in Vaionex and we are excited to see the growth that Robin Kohze and his team have in the works.”

Bitcoin Association Founding President Jimmy Nguyen expressed: “Bitcoin Association has been a proud supporter of the Cambridge Metanet Society and the ambitious University of Cambridge students interested in developing applications and services on the massively scaled Bitcoin SV blockchain. We are delighted to see Robin Kohze and some of his fellow Cambridge students putting their Bitcoin knowledge into practice with Vaionex – establishing a viable new business venture with several different products, now backed by venture capital funding. This speaks to the work Bitcoin Association does supporting university and student-led initiatives – taking learning beyond the classroom and using Bitcoin technology to create real businesses with real impact.”