Polymorphic Phishing Attacks: 5 Insights to Help Stop Them

Polymorphic Phishing Attacks: 5 Insights to Help Stop Them

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jul 20, 2021

What exactly makes a phishing attack polymorphic? In these campaigns, attackers make slight changes to the same email—to the subject line or sender name —as they probe security systems to see what might get through. Polymorphic attacks are not only effective, they’re very easy to launch thanks to automated kits sold on the black market. This white paper provides insights businesses can use to help them stop polymorphic phishing attacks.

Why are polymorphic attacks more successful? A campaign that lacks uniformity doesn’t look like a campaign and makes it difficult for security operators to keep rules up to date at the gateway. For many cybersecurity teams who lack bandwidth, finding the full scope of a polymorphic attack to quarantine is challenging and time consuming.

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  • Not all phishing threats are blocked by technology; User detection is great, but reporting is even better;
  • While humans are key to detection, automation speeds response.