Nutanix. Inc and Intel are partnering together to enable the System Integrators (SIs) and Value-Added Resellers (VARs). This partnership will help in delivering the enterprise level Nutanix-qualified Intel data center block hardware platform under the new Nutanix Elevate technology alliance partner program. Nutanix a leader in the enterprise cloud computing software combined with the Intel Data centers will implement configure-to-order servers for enterprises.

Technology partnership also included the VARs and SIs who are authorized partners will now be able to brand and personalize the Intel data center blocks giving them a wider range of technology service to cover. The Nutanix software can be packaged with Intel-based tech providing faster expansion to marketing. This will also give the VARs and the Sis an opportunity to explore the different business requirements as Nutanix and Intel Solution will be giving them increased autonomy.

Enterprises can also benefit from the partnership giving them the benefit of service users with the Nutanix Enterprises Cloud OS and Intel Server Products.

• Increased choice for the enterprise with Intel workload combined with Nutanix software support.
• The current Intel storage dense appliances requirement to reduce customer infrastructure footprint.
• Including the Nutanix award-winning technical support to promote the expansion.

Howard Goldberg, Senior, VP for Arrow Electronics said that “The partnership would be meeting the unique business need and that offers the solution providers to be more effective and customize the offering.”