• Carv employs blockchain, notably the Carv Protocol, enabling cross-chain data authentication, storage, processing, and monetization.
  • Utilizing Carv Play, users have the ability to establish their unique identities by logging into various decentralized games, allowing them to share or retract information selectively under their unified management.

Recently, a modular blockchain-based layer for gaming and AI founded in Los Angeles, Carv has raised USD 10 million to develop its network solution and provide users with control over their identity and data.

The Carv Protocol, a data layer that enables cross-chain authentication, storage, processing, and monetization of data, is one of the ways that Carv uses blockchain technology. It also recently released an AI gaming assistant that integrates with cryptocurrency wallets, and it has a cross-platform credentialing system for blockchain gaming that lets users carry their identity across different platforms.

The business raised money in a Series A funding round led by Tribe Capital and IOSG Ventures, with contributions from well-known Web3 investors like OKX Ventures, Fenbushi Capital, Draper Dragon, Arweave, LiquidX, Consensys Software Inc., the company behind the MetaMask cryptocurrency wallet, and Marblex, the Web3 division of Netmarble Games Corp.

“For too long, users’ data has fueled economic growth without them sharing the value created. The AI boom has increased demand for high-quality data for model training, but brands face challenges targeting users and ethically sourcing data amid tightening regulations. Carv empowers users to own, contribute and monetize their data, capturing opportunities from the adtech reshuffling and AI revolution by putting them back in control,” said Victor Yu, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer.

The company specializes in providing gaming and AI development with high-quality data reinforced by human feedback in a trustworthy, regulatory-compliant manner through the use of the Carv Protocol. While protecting the privacy of personal data, its underlying system also gives users control over their data and rewards for AI training data.

Users can generate their own identities with Carv Play, which they can then use to sign into various decentralized games and share or withdraw content according to their own preferences. According to the company, during the last quarter, the average number of daily active wallet accounts for this system surpassed 500,000, placing it in the top three most active ecosystems on blockchains like Linea, opBNB, zkSync, and Ronin.

The business also introduced Cara, an AI assistant. It is a customized artificial intelligence system that interacts with Web3 wallets, games on the blockchain, and social networking to learn about users’ interests and suggest games, events, projects, and possible airdrop rewards.

Yu said, “The result of our ecosystem is an incentive-aligned infrastructure that reimagines the internet, placing individuals at the core of their digital interactions with the ability to obtain a lifetime membership for passive income.”