Aqilliz, a blockchain solutions provider, rolled out a defined technology for the digital marketing landscape. The new digital marketing solution aims to create an information exchange between brands, platforms, and consumers. The company claims to provide blockchain-enabled solutions to enhance transparency and cost-efficiency for its enterprise clients.

Aqulliz CEO Gowthaman Ragothaman said, “Numerous technologies continue to provide siloed solutions that have led to a largely fragmented Martech ecosystem, resulting in a very bloated administrative layer.” He believes that such existing solutions have only addressed certain parts of the problem but fail to address the situation holistically. This has resulted in poor price discovery and liquidity along with a lack of trust across marketplace.”

Aquiliz offers three solutions Proton, Neutron, and Electron to address the above mentioned issues. According Richard Kastelein, the founder of Blockchain News, the solutions are set to examine certain facts related Who, What, When, Where and How across online exchange process and introduce blockchain-based methods to better optimize existing business models: 

1. Electron focuses on automating settlements, mitigating risks, and reducing costs to improve the customer outcome. Electron allows for a faster, cheaper, and more secure settlement of value by providing increased liquidity as it is applicable to customer loyalty programs.

2. Proton optimizes processes across the digital supply chain that is specifically designed for attestion, transaction verification, and dispute resolution. Proton will provide an administrative layer relying on automated processes as enabled by smart contracts.

3. Neutron ensures that identities are secured in the decentralized data marketplace. It verifies and authenticates identities for all transacting parties, addressing who is exchanging what value at a given time.

Aqilliz will be working with Zilliqa exclusively as its technological infrastructure provider. Zilliqa is a high-throughput blockchain platform known across the industry as the first public blockchain platform to leverage sharding, while simultaneously setting up enterprise-grade security standards.