Nokia on March 31, 2020 formally revealed a series of AI and machine learning features that were already being used in the Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe by operators. Whereas Nokia AVA 5G Cognitive Operations are engineered to boost automation of network operators by maintaining service requirements and foreseeing challenges even before they occur.

These tools will help enhance decision making of operators related to network slices and will help meet service requirements, as per the Finnish vendor. As explained by Dennis Lorenzin, Head of Cognitive Services at Nokia, the software is multi-vendor by nature and therefore it is not limited to operators that use Nokia gear. He added, “The functionalities are working as well for earlier technologies than 5G, though they were developed having 5G expected complexities in mind.”

According to Nokia, the combination of AI, data science, and machine learning can be used to anticipate network failures up to seven days in advance and the technology will support in resolving these issues at a 50% faster rate.

“These capabilities are already being used by Nokia and operators to manage several networks around the world,” including an operator in Japan that is using AI to fix non-performing cells in minutes, Lorenzin said. “With the old methods this took several hours and only yielded an 80% success rate.”