Annual State of Phishing Report

Annual State of Phishing Report

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jul 22, 2021

Phishing Campaigns Continue to Evolve and Innovate

If we learned anything from 2020, it’s that threat actors’ ability to quickly adjust their methods to world events can be lightning fast. From Emotet to Ryuk, and let’s not forget COVID-19, threat actors improved their methods and adapted to world events, bringing new trends to the phishing threat landscape in 2021

All secure email gateways let phishing threats slip by. Rapid detection and response to threats has never mattered more.

The 2021 Annual State of Phishing Report dives into the phishing threats we’ve seen reported by our 25M human reporters around the globe. It’s this first-hand customer reporting data that allows us to accurately detect, respond and provide intelligence on phishing threats that are out there.

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  • How COVID-19 Change the Threat Landscape Fighting Crafty Humans – Malware
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