Digitizing Airbus’ Global Supply Chain Through APIs

Digitizing Airbus’ Global Supply Chain Through APIs

Published by: Research Desk Released: May 07, 2020

An Airbus A380 is made up of 7 million different pieces with each piece coming from different parts of the world including Germany, Spain, UK, and France. Assembling the final plane requires support from various IT and operations teams. Leveraging legacy supply chain technology to support on-time arrival and coordination of parts was incredibly challenging, and only worsened with the need for new parts and pressure of massive growth. In order to scale, Airbus needed to think through how to transform and digitize its global supply chain.

Hear from Airbus and how they are leveraging Anypoint Platform to enhance their production efficiency, and ultimately, drive innovation throughout the entire supply chain.

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Leverage APIs to support a complex manufacturing process with multiple global partners.
  • Foster collaboration amongst siloed IT teams through API reuse and API-led connectivity.
  • Reduce time to market by providing end-to-end visibility across the planning and execution processes within the supply chain.
  • Save hours of time by allowing the shop floor logisticians to easily identify non-conforming parts on their mobile apps.
Presented by:
Adrien Floch, API Evangelist, Airbus
Nizar Chaouch, Head of API, DevOps and amp; Mixed Reality, Airbus
Sophia Jiang, Retail and amp; Manufacturing GTM Lead, MuleSoft