Key E-Commerce Strategies for 2022

Key E-Commerce Strategies for 2022

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jan 27, 2023

Your guide to Personalization, Cookieless Marketing, and Zero-Party Data

Make 2023 your year for rapid growth — Start the New Year off right with a proven E-commerce strategy

Create a comprehensive marketing plan for 2022 that leverages what’s new in the world of 1:1 personalization, cookieless commerce, and zero-party data…
Our guide covers:

Personalization. A run through of what’s new in the world of personalization, what your customers expect, and how to deliver a unique, delightful commerce experience that boosts revenue.
Cookies. An overview of the state of cookie tracking for e-commerce businesses, where different browsers stand, and how marketers can future-proof their cookie(less) strategy for the year.
Data. A deep dive into zero-party, what it is, and the incredible opportunity it presents to deliver personalized customer experiences that respect data privacy concerns.
Real Life. Several successful real-life applications of the different strategies highlighted in the guide.