Unified communications (UC) has become a cure-all communications technology owing to its ability to transmit powerful video, voice, and collaboration services via the cloud.

SD-WAN UCaaS = a cloud on ramp

Innovations have a significant impact on the way we work and live. The smartphone, the personal computer, and the internet are some examples. The migration of communication workloads to the cloud has developed several technologies, most recognized as Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS). It made cloud-based unified communication (UC) services less costly, scalable, and easier to manage.

UCaaS joins videoconferencing, instant messaging, voice, screen sharing, and other host communications tools for the cloud.

A report published by Biztech states: About 85% of businesses shifted all or a portion of their communications tools to the cloud via UCaaS. It seems that UCaaS is a ‘Swiss army knife’ application for the cloud.

As an organization continues to move its voice technology to the cloud, software-defined wide-area networking (SD-WAN) is born as a supplemental networking solution to optimize that move. UCaaS, the cloud, and SD-WAN are the technological enhancements that emerged and grew almost overnight. These enhancements were a natural fit: like fish and chips or like pancakes and butter.

Blending SD-WAN with unified communications as a service (UCaaS) gives many advantages to a business. In a way such as, “Friends always come with benefits.”

Following three are the significant benefits of SD-WAN and UCaaS being friends:

  • Advanced network – UCaaS depends on its network, and SD-WAN enhances the network performance.
  • Higher security – SD-WAN delivers improved security to make the system safer and offers a cleaner flow for UCaaS traffic.
  • Better routing – when we talk about the quality of service (QoS) in UCaaS, three significant factors impede quality: latency, packet loss, and jitter. SD-WAN focuses on those three issues with dynamic traffic management across improved network links in real-time and voice packet duplication.

UCaaS and SD-WAN – a perfect bond

As so many applications are running in the cloud, a modern enterprise needs to keep up with increased network demands and manage traffic. This is where SD-WAN and UCaaS come together to overcome a new breed of enterprise challenges.

UCaaS and SD-WAN accompany one another to provide the best cloud-based communications to small, medium-sized, and large-sized businesses.

What happens when we bundle SD-WAN and UCaaS together?

  • Network performance will get better by performing dynamic path selection to deliver an optimal user experience.
  • Organizations could connect branch offices and data centers across long geographical distances.
  • Bandwidth could be easily manageable.

When paired with UCaaS, SD-WAN could help eliminate voice and video delays by routing activity via an organization’s infrastructure in the most effective way possible. SD-WAN automatically differentiates network traffic and prioritizes real-time video conferencing and other live activities for crisp and clear communication while non-essential activities route to lower priority pathways.

In simple terms, SD-WAN with UCaaS could help an organization enhance communication quality while reducing costs.

Selecting correct vendor

It is equally essential to choose the correct UCaaS and SD-WAN vendor. Selecting the right producer will reduce operational and capital costs and allow businesses to consolidate WAN services, including VPN, Wi-Fi, firewalls, and Ethernet. This consolidation could significantly reduce maintenance and hardware costs.


The combination of a few technologies could prove beneficial for enterprises. SD-WAN, for instance, is a natural fit for UCaaS by enhancing voice and video call quality and offering more deployment options, increased bandwidth efficiency, and potentially lower costs.

By bundling an SD-WAN solution with a UCaaS solution, one could expect enhanced security, seamless connectivity, advanced visibility, and the ability to scale businesses’ emerging needs smoothly. Together, they will improve reliability, cost savings, and make management and deployment easy for enterprises.

Has your organization brought communication to the cloud yet, and have you considered the combination of SD-WAN and UCaaS?


Then why wait? Give a chance to this new match made in heaven.

When you combine SD-WAN technology with UCaaS, things get a little more modern.

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