Capgemini has signed a seven-year agreement with Hexion, intending to come together for the digital transformation of its business to be resilient, provide agility, and drive long-term growth. The company, Hexion, serves various companies with thermoset technologies, specialty products, and technical support. As per the agreement, both firms will combine and unlock value and innovation with the process of digital transformation across fields of finance, procurement, and information technology.

“We are continuously adapting our organization to changes in the market, while remaining focused on long-term growth,” said George F. Knight, Acting Chief Executive Officer and Chief Financial Officer, Hexion. “By partnering with Capgemini, we intend to create a best-in-class organization that focuses on gaining efficiencies and process improvements by leveraging automation and state-of-the-art technology for delivery service while also reducing costs,” he added.

And the counterpart, Capgemini, will implement a broad range of service portfolio, which includes IT infrastructure, cloud, cybersecurity, and business operations, to allow the partner company (Hexion) gain operational agility and increase competitiveness across the end-markets.

“We are incredibly excited to serve as Hexion’s business and IT partner, and help it achieve such a bold vision for the industry,” said Philippe Vié, Global Head of the Energy, Utilities and Chemicals sector at Capgemini. “Capgemini is committed to developing an agile and high-performing business model with Hexion’s global operations teams that will further position the company for success in all market conditions and ultimately, sustained growth,” he further stated.

The agreement might result in bringing digital transformation to the company, Hexion, and add another feather to the Capgemini cap.