• The world’s most-watched football league, The Premier League 2021/2022, has picked Oracle as its official cloud provider.
  • Expert’s take.

Oracle’s cloud infrastructure to drive football analytics

Oracle has been picked to design the cloud infrastructure for the world-famous sporting events, “The Premier League.” It is the most-watched football league worldwide.

The League is installing Oracle’s cloud, machine learning (ML), analytics technologies to keep an eye on the live-action performed on the pitch and in-match statistics. Further, this will help provide a deeper understanding of live-action to billions of viewers every season.

Limelight on The Premier League 2021/2022

The Premier League 2021/2022 football season will be under the control of technologies called “Match Insights – Powered by Oracle Cloud.” This will show revolutionary player performance data and statistics during the global broadcast across the Premier League’s social channels.

Research shows that followers of Premier League are interested in the integration of match data and analysis. This is because insights will help tell more stories about Premier League matches, offering followers a data-rich experience.

Oracle’s cloud and technologies will give viewers direct access to League’s information instantly, whether they are viewing scores on smartphones or watching it from home.

“Match Insights – Powered by Oracle Cloud” will comprise:

  • Average formation
  • Live win probability
  • Momentum tracker


Extra Match Insights will be available throughout the 2021/22 Premier League season, scheduled to begin on August 14, 2021.

Expert’s take

Ariel Kelman, Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer at Oracle, commented: “Combining Oracle’s machine learning expertise with the Premier League’s wealth of football data is a significant merger of technology and sport.”

He further added, “The margins for error in the Premier League are very small, so the data is crucial to discovering the meaningful moments and stories of each match. It’s those stories that unite fans and ignite their passions for the game.”

Richard Masters, Chief Executive at The Premier League, commented: “We are always looking at new ways to bring the Premier League to life and enhance the analysis of the competition. Oracle is a global brand with a great track record of driving innovation, and we look forward to working together to bring new levels of engagement to fans around the world.”

Lesson learned

  • The live system by Oracle’s cloud infrastructure will help viewers to track the statistics and data in real-time.
  • ML models will be developed to produce immediate results based on real-time tracking data, data streams, and facts of the League’s players.