• Boise believes that the cooperation will assist it in expanding the city’s economy and recruiting a diverse workforce.

Micron, a chip manufacturer, headquartered in Idaho, plans to invest USD 15 billion in a new semiconductor facility in its hometown by the end of the decade. The chipmaker estimates that this will generate 17,000 jobs in the United States.

The president and chief executive officer of Micron, Sanjay Mehrotra, stated that his company’s investment was made possible by the recent passage of the CHIPS and Science ACT of 2022. The Act, a USD 280 billion bill, is aimed at bolstering U.S. competitiveness against China and avoiding another chip shortage similar to the one that derailed the automotive and technology industries during the pandemic.

The CHIPS law sets aside USD 52 billion to bolster the semiconductor industry, which has struggled to manufacture the diminutive chips that power everything from smartphones to computers to automobiles as a result of COVID-related supply chain constraints beginning in 2020.

Sanjay Mehrotra said, “Our new leading-edge memory manufacturing fab will fuel U.S. technology leadership, ensuring a reliable domestic supply of semiconductors critical to economic and national security.”

Micron believes that by placing the production plant inside the firm’s operations headquarters, the company could increase its productivity and bring products to market more quickly.

According to Boise Mayor Lauren McLean, the cooperation will assist in expanding the city’s economy and recruiting a diverse workforce.

Boise Mayor Lauren McLean stated, “This is a once-in-a-generation investment in Boise from a home-grown company that is critical to the economic vitality of our community, our state, and our nation.”

President Biden signed the CHIPS and Science Act a month ago, and McLean and Mehrotra were there to witness the event. The whole congressional delegation from Idaho, which is made up entirely of Republicans, voted against it.

Biden mentioned Micron’s announcement as “another significant success for America.”

One of the most significant employers in the state of Idaho is Micron. The corporation has multiple factories to produce chips located worldwide, including ones in Singapore and Taiwan.

Chipmaker Intel Corporation revealed that it would begin construction on September 9 for the USD 20 billion worth of semiconductor facilities it plans to build in Ohio. The opening of the factories referred to as fabs is anticipated for 2025. It is planned that President Biden will be present during the groundbreaking.