RecoveryPlanner is set to partner with 365 Data Centers to offer its RPX Business Continuity software along with 365’s business continuity suites. RecoveryPlanner is a BCM solutions provider, and the new partnership is all set to complement 365’s offering of hybrid IT data center services. 365’s hybrid solution includes a portfolio of colocation, cloud, network, and managed service offerings. 

Monica Goldstein, CEO at RecoveryPlanner, announced that both the RPX platform and RPX continuity app support the organizations’ resilience. Both offer an integrated set of tools to the customers to manage BCM programs through all phases of the business life cycle. 365’s enterprise-focused approach to connectivity, data center, compliance, business connectivity, and cloud solutions will help both organizations to go a long way. 365 Data Centers offers facilities aptly aligned with technology requirements and expectations of customers.  

Bob DeSantis, CEO of 365 Data Centers, asserted that its Business Continuity Operations are under constant scrutiny to help its customers and businesses survive in the face of the ever-evolving regulations, compliance requirements, and contractual obligations. Recovery Planner supports all kinds of standards ranging from HIPAA, SEC Guidelines, FFIEC, FINRA 4370, to Sarbanes-Oxley.