• EdgeConneX plans a multi-market expansion strategy to power the demand for content delivery, network, and cloud solutions.
  • EdgeConneX to add about 20 MWs of new capacity across its current footprint within six strategic markets across NA.
  • Expert views on data center expansion across North American markets.

Multi-market expansion strategy

EdgeConneX, a leading provider of Hyperlocal to Hyperscale Data Center Solutions, broke the news of a multi-market expansion strategy to power the demand for content delivery, network, and cloud solutions across several prominent North American (NA) markets.

Data center expansion across six strategic markets across North America

EdgeConneX adds about 20 MWs of new capacity across its present footprint in Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Detroit, Phoenix, and Miami. The expansion will help significant service providers worldwide advance their local cloud, network, content, and other offerings in the mentioned markets.

Further, it will empower them to meet the rising requirements for distributed data center capacity, which is highly proximate to their end consumers.

Massive data is generated and consumed each day. Therefore, the rising demand for data centers supports all the applications, workloads, and services being used and shared.

EdgeConneX has expansion plans for additional markets across the US, ensuring that consumers get different service ecosystems and network access offerings as its other consumers receive across the world with its 50 plus services in more than 30 global markets.

Expert’s take

Phillip Marangella, Chief Marketing Officer at EdgeConneX, commented: “We have always focused on building data centers where, when and how our customers want capacity to support their business.”

He further added, “Our strategy of listening to our customers to provide tailored solutions for them that span hyperlocal to hyperscale data centers is what makes us unique. These planned expansions, necessitated by the growing volume, variety and velocity of data our customers are driving, highlight the accelerating need for digital infrastructure and capacity to best support their customers.”

EdgeConneX recently published eBook

Being part of its mission to get the Edge to the consumer while serving as an essential resource for cloud adoption and deployment, EdgeConneX recently published an ebook covering the challenges organizations face as they consider adopting a cloud strategy.