By 2019, more than 69 percent of the enterprises would have adopted a multi-cloud or the hybrid-cloud environment as to step towards better digital transformation. The demand for hybrid cloud solutions is rising, and it needs to solve the rising application requirements. IT infrastructure provider ServerCentral announced the acquisition of Turning group. The acquisition of Turning group comes after almost one year after an investment was made by ServerCentral. A Turning Group is an advanced consulting partner for the Amazon Web Services (AWS).

The new combination of ServerCentral and Turning Group will be offering the public cloud guidance, strategy, management and application development for the enterprises. The catalog will now be a combination of the services offered by both the groups along with IT services.

Turning Group is an organization that has earned the three badges of Amazon Web Services Advanced Consulting Partner, Authorized Public Sector partner and Managed Service provider. ServerCentral founded in the year 2000, became the largest solution provider of data centers and network services.

The acquisition has combined the enterprise names known as ServerCentral Turning Group (SCTG). According to the chief executive officer of SCTG Jordan Lowe ServerCentral is a company that manages the investments of the organizations by building their data centers and network centers. With the rise of hybrid cloud, the organizations such as Turning group that understands the public cloud would be an imperative asset.