• Calimero has two versions: the business console and the enterprise version for institutional users.
  • The company’s next goal is to work with blockchains that use Ethereum Virtual Machine via Aurora Lab’s Aurora.

Calimero Network, a blockchain infrastructure company, has announced that it has raised USD 8.5 million in seed funding for building private sharding features for blockchain networks.

Crypto Venture investment firms like Lyrik Ventures, Khosla Ventures, and blockchain network – Near Foundation co-led the seed funding round. FJ Labs, GSR, NetZero Capital, Warburg Serres, and other angel investors participated in this funding round, which was closed in November 2022.

To provide a high-performance experience for developers while deploying applications, Calimero’s network takes motivation from Near protocol, a Scalable blockchain design. To launch Calimero in 2020, the network’s founders had taken the help of Near’s technology as a base to build private sharding technology successfully. It enables the creation of blockchains on private subnets that can easily exchange data and protect sensitive data simultaneously.

The data, computation, and ledgers of the blockchain are segmented into different and separate segments using sharding. Interestingly, these segments are designed to be completely independent and private from each other and interact based on rules specified to them. This keeps the privacy and security of the data intact. Moreover, these shards can interact with public blockchains to maintain so that the advantages of interoperability with blockchains like Ethereum are maintained.

While achieving the privacy and security of shards, the company also manages the performance advantages of the Near protocol. The capability of companies to create a network within networks is fulfilled by it, as per Calimero.

Due to this, a large umbrella blockchain and then its sub-blockchain for each internal organization can be maintained by one company. Each internal organization can run its own isolated blockchain network. It is known as a shard and exchange data.

On the other hand, this can be used across companies in the same supply chain that aspire to share detailed information about any product moving through the chain. While doing this, the demand to retain specific proprietary details within their own private blockchain ledgers is fulfilled by this structure. The integrity of the entire chain will be maintained throughout.

Calimero offers two available versions, a business console and an enterprise version, for institutional users. Customers having low or no technical knowledge will be benefited from this exceptional solution that the console version provides. Additionally, it is designed to produce quick results for businesses that operate with blockchain technology. On the other hand, the enterprise version is designed for professional users who manage the customization of their product fit and provides an on-premises solution for regulated environments.

Presently, the company’s primary focus is on the Near protocol, as it is the foundation of the overall project.

The company’s next goal is to work with blockchains that use Ethereum Virtual Machine via Aurora Lab’s Aurora. Aurora is an Ethereum-compatible scaling solution that is also built on Near protocol. Applications will have advantages while running on Calimero while interacting with any Ethereum-compatible blockchain. It will discover new ways to get a broader audience of developers and potential apps.