2020 State of Email Report

2020 State of Email Report

Published by: Research Desk Released: Feb 07, 2020

State of Email Get a comprehensive look at the data, trends, and innovations that shape the email industry in 2020, and learn how they affect your email program. The email landscape shifts a little every day. Litmus’ 2020 State of Email Report analyzes the significant email client news, trends, and key industry updates from the past year and breaks down how they will impact your email program in the new email decade.

Get your copy and learn:

  • How to react to the most crucial email client updates
  • Apple’s new iPhones, a facelift for Gmail, the rise of Dark Mode, and AMP for Email. 2019 was full of inbox updates marketers can’t ignore, and we break down how they impact your email program.
  • How new privacy laws shape the email industry
  • Learn what impact GDPR had on the email marketing industry—and how California’s new set of laws is the next step towards tighter privacy regulations worldwide.
  • How email marketing will evolve in the decade to come -Read how leading industry experts see email’s role in the overall marketing mix shift in 2020 and beyond—and what that might mean for your tools, team, and workflow.
  • Set your email program up for success in the new decade

Download the 2020 State of Email Report to get full access to the data, resources, and hands-on advice that will keep you at the forefront of email innovation—and help you build a successful email program in 2020 and beyond.