Digital Personalization: Taking an Agile Approach

Digital Personalization: Taking an Agile Approach

Published by: Research Desk Released: Sep 18, 2019

Personalization is not a piece of software, nor is it a feature of one. Successful personalization is a result of people, process and technology, and in that order.

Both the people who are building personalized experiences and the people who they are being built for must be at the center of any personalization initiative. In fact, you can think of personalization simply as a relationship and conversations between individuals, as that’s really all it is. However, it’s a series of relationships built at a large scale, and doing things at scale requires both processes and technology.

This eBook is about the people and the process that lead to success in personalization. The ideas are meant to guide the formation of personalization teams and their missions. It will discuss the team of people and the skills that will be needed between them as well as consider the alignment of the team’s goals with the broader objectives of the organization.

The eBook will also discuss taking an agile approach to personalization, where short iterations with manageable and measurable goals help build your team’s momentum and ensure that they’re on the right track along the way.