Mike More Miles and True Test

Mike More Miles and True Test

Interstate Batteries
Published by: Research Desk Released: May 08, 2023

“The True Test program along with designated Battery Captains in our shops has doubled our sales in one year.”

Mike More Miles realized that we were not reaching our potential in our battery business. We needed a partner who could help us to a higher level of service to our customer base.

After comparing the offerings from several sources, we chose to work with Intestate for several reasons:

  • Interstate managing the battery inventory for us at all our locations
  • The Interstate Pulse Tester: This offered us the ability to track the number of tests performed at each location, permitting us to monitor and correct the implementation of our “Every car gets tested” policy.
  • Our Business Development Manager, John Hawkins worked tirelessly with our shops to implement our program. His ability to connect with our shop technicians facilitated certification of a Battery Captain at each location. Our Battery Captains drive the testing program on the shop floor. John also facilitated continuing battery training opportunities for our shop staff employees.
  • The program resulted in many customers avoiding a no-start situation and doubling our battery sales in one year.

Many thanks to John and our extended Interstate team!