The Data Manager’s Field Guide

The Data Manager’s Field Guide

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jan 16, 2021

Today’s enterprise businesses have sky-high expectations for their CRM data, and it’s up to the data manager to ensure that the data is clean, reliable, and usable across the organization.

But that’s easier said than done. Every day, data managers face countless hazards and pitfalls that threaten their ability to maintain high-quality CRM data. To overcome these challenges, they need the right tools.

The Data Manager’s Field Guide is the ultimate guide on how to keep your data clean with Validity’s DemandTools. In it, we reveal robust capabilities to tackle the inevitable issues that plague any CRM. Discover powerful modules like:

• Single Table Dedupe, the powerful and popular “knife blade” that cuts through the most common and devastating of all CRM data issues: duplicates.
• MassEffect, the versatile “combination tool” that serves as an all-in-one ETL (extract, transform, load) solution.
• MassImpact, the “scissors” to provide a simple functionality with countless applications: standardization for overall data maintenance.
• And so much more!