Fleet Management Handbook; Four Essentials for the Hybrid Workplace

Fleet Management Handbook; Four Essentials for the Hybrid Workplace

Published by: Research Desk Released: Jan 27, 2022

Today, employees want the freedom and flexibility to work from wherever suits them best. To meet this demand, hybrid workplaces that operate both in person and remotely are quickly becoming the new standard for businesses worldwide.

This rapid rise should be a crucial factor in fleet management and investment strategy. With the hybrid workplace comes new challenges across remote manageability, security, and performance. Business PCs need to deliver
what end users expect while providing the security and manageability that your IT department requires, even
when workers are on the go.

At the same time, business is also more digital than ever. Your users’ PC devices are their essential tools for
making great things happen. To maximize productivity and innovation, they need a device that works for them.
And your business needs stability and assurance that once you’ve selected a device, it will be readily available
and easy to support.

To help you address these challenges and make the right PC investment, this buyer’s guide outlines the four
essentials you need to look for as you select business devices.