Top 20 Hyperconverged Infrastructure Questions Answered

Top 20 Hyperconverged Infrastructure Questions Answered

Published by: Research Desk Released: Oct 10, 2019

Hyperconverged infrastructure (HCI) consolidates compute, storage, networking, and virtualization in one solution, and is the infrastructure of choice for companies that want to stay competitive and ensure their datacenters are cloud-ready. However, the change can be difficult for some organizations — and others just aren’t aware of what HCI is, what it does, and its benefits.

If you’re trying to understand HCI and its potential impact on your datacenter, here are the top questions we’ve been asked about hyperconverged infrastructure over the years.

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  • The definition of hyperconverged infrastructure in the simplest form
  • What the cloud has to do with HCI and the datacenter
  • The benefits of HCI compared to legacy technology
  • The components of HCI and the problems it solves
  • What the market acceptance rate is for HCI