The data center is the nervous system of the digital revolution.

One more techno star in the pocket!

We have experienced that data centers are placed in lots of strange places such as shopping malls, old chapels, and underground bunkers for a few years. There were also proposals to develop data centers on floating barges and for containers in caves. Now researchers have come with another strange place, but that place is not on earth. Think…think…

I will give you one hint.

Don’t just look at the moon; Be ONE!

Yes, you heard it right. One more techno star, i.e., data center to be built on the moon, is coming soon!

Constructing a supercomputer on the moon is one of the biggest computing challenges for scientists. Data center on the moon is anticipated to store and manage massive data produced by NASA’s Deep Space Network.

The Deep Space Network or DSN is NASA’s international array of giant radio antennas that support interplanetary spacecraft missions. It also enhances our understanding of the solar system and the larger universe.

Data is an important part of the current lifestyle; users save data either on the cloud or their physical devices. The cloud data will be stored in the data centers, and these data centers are present in the unknown location.

The location of a data center is usually not revealed to keep data safe. Supercomputers are utilized in these data centers. Data centers need large space and release a large amount of heat harmful to humans and the environment.

What if we build data centers on lunar surface of the moon?

More on building data centers on the moon.

The moon is approximately 384,400 km away from the earth. With satellites’ help, communication won’t be an issue in this state as we get the communication done via satellites with routers that respond to the signals. Thus, it will be easy to build data centers on the moon. Further, these data center servers could be remotely accessed.

Advantages of building data centers on the moon are as follows:

  • The earth’s forests and other resources will be saved.
  • The heat released by the server will be cooled down with the moon’s temperature; thus, earth will be heat and pollution-free.
  • High-end security for data.
  • There will be a backup system on the moon if any issue occurs, which means that there will be no chances of losing crucial data.

Why developing data centers on moon is so important?

Because invention is the name of the game in today’s world, companies need to think out-of-the-box to remain on the top.

Did you know?

If not, then you must know!

Microsoft is making industry surfs by running trials of sealed data centers in the ocean. Yes, you heard it right. In fact, the company has already applied for a patent on an Artificial Reef Datacenter.

Artificial Reef Datacenter is an underwater cloud with a cooling system that uses the ocean as a massive heat exchanger and intrusion detection for submerged data centers. So, aquatic data centers are quickly becoming a reality. Is moon or space the next frontier?

Data center on the moon – is the mission possible?

I think it’s not a crazy idea. You all are aware that satellites are already being used as communication device comprising: broadcasting, internet connectivity, and navigation. Plus, SpaceX, an aerospace company led by Elon Musk, has secured over 100 missions. The endgame of the company is to take humans to Mars one day. So, before that happens, why not launch some data center infrastructure into space or the moon?

After all, the sun could play an energy drink role, whereas the vacuum of space could play ice to cool data centers. It sounds like a win-win situation!

Elon Musk is not the only tech billionaire with space-travel ambitions but Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon Web Services (AWS), who committed to exploring space via Blue Origin. If space-based data centers are to become a reality, there is an excellent opportunity that Bezos would be behind it.

Takeaway into space

The idea of developing data centers on moon – isn’t that crazy.

The concept of a network of data centers on the moon—powered by the sun and cooled by the icy vacuum—still seems more science fiction.

But for now – and until researchers are finding a way to get data centers on the moon – till then, centers will continue to pepper the landscape or maybe the ocean floor.

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