All about IT IMS

Today, IT is very different from what it used to be a few years back. Digitalization has made customers more powerful and transformed the enterprises’ expectations from IT.

IT management groups have evolved beyond on-premises equipment, covering virtualized cloud infrastructure, internet-of-things (IoT) mechanisms, cloud services, and mobile devices.

The best IT infrastructure management services will ease IT tasks and administration without compromising security.

What is an IT infrastructure management service (IMS)?

It is all about administrating and managing technology, data, and information in a practical way. Its scope ranges from desktop to networking, cloud-based services, storage, security, and data. It means IT IMS is the sum of all components (networking, storage, safety, and others) closely allied to your business’s overall goals. The primary purpose of IMS is to minimize downtime and keep your business as productive as possible.

To understand the term, just take a look at an example:

Just imagine your business as a stage show, and people managing your business (in short, IMS) are your behind-the-scenes heroes; without them, managing technology that supports your business is just like no public at the show!

Additionally, an enterprise IT IMS is responsible for managing connectivity and network issues, asset lifecycle management, and monitoring mobile devices and device maintenance.

One of the best examples of IT IMS

HCL’s IT infrastructure management services provide the tools, experience, and talent needed to help you create, manage, and run next-generation IT infrastructure. HCL’s digital-ready IT infrastructure services are optimized to adapt to businesses’ unpredictable needs for the digital age while instantaneously delivering business value and outcomes.

Managing IT infrastructure

Managing IT infrastructure could be a challenge because mobile device management, servers, smartphones, cloud services, and business applications working as an integrated whole could be complicated. There are also infrastructure-specific needs such as DevOps, APM tools, SecOps, CMMS software, and ITSM tools.

The right infrastructure management solution will allow one to pinpoint bottlenecks via network monitoring, giving an alert of codes causing errors and identifying workarounds and solutions. Also, signals could be provided in the event of any technical failure by quickly notifying via email, automated calls, or SMS.

Then there comes a question: why an infrastructure management solution works standalone?

It is to enhance collaboration, communication, and customer relations management (CRM) software platforms so that you can make sure everyone affected in the business cycle by an issue could be kept informed and notified once there is a correct solution.

Look at the best IT infrastructure management services for 2021:

1. Datadog (DDOG), a visual infrastructure management

If you plan to develop a cloud-based infrastructure management platform, you should definitely check out Datadog. Datadog allows businesses to get business data together from different sources quickly. It also offers analytics and monitoring management for businesses of all sizes and sectors.

Using Datadog, one can create a dashboard to manage all data, including devices and apps. Also, it offers high-resolution metrics and graphs covering data such as ratios, hosts, rates, devices, tags, and averages. It also can find different events and metrics.

2. Microsoft System Center, Microsoft’s reputable ISM software

When we are talking about infrastructure management, how can we forget the American tech giant Microsoft? Microsoft System Center offers a complete service set of infrastructure management tools developed for IT experts and managers.

This infrastructure management service majorly deals with IT hardware, operating systems, power consumption, and malware protection. The software offers device management, update management, power management, inventory reporting, and endpoint protection in terms of core features.

The System Center is very versatile that allows data centers and virtual servers to manage infrastructure provisioning and configure security, networks, computing, and storage.

To maintain performance, tools are available to troubleshoot, monitor, and diagnose issues with the infrastructure or applications.

3. ConnectWise Automate, network management with automation benefits

ConnectWise Automate is a remote monitoring and infrastructure management platform designed by IT service providers for technology companies and offers automated IT service. It is also responsible for network management and offers advanced cloud-based reporting and visibility into your IT capabilities, enabling to perform IT management task remotely and efficiently.

On the automation front, ConnectWise will analyze systems to solve problems and reduce time spent visiting on-site assets. It is also termed as LabTech.

4. PagerDuty, a system alert package

PagerDuty is one of the best infrastructure management solutions that provide dispatch and incident features for various applications and services. It has also been tailored for a plethora of businesses and industries.

It is a system monitoring and alert platform that offers incident management via a web or mobile application. The critical role is to send important alerts concerning infrastructure management via push notifications, phone, and SMS.

5. Pulseway, an excellent all-around IT toolbox

It is specially designed for medium and large-size businesses with complex infrastructure and asset requirements.

Why must your business consider outsourcing IMS?

IT IMS is known to make things more comfortable at the beginning, but things might get disruptive. Therefore, it is essential to work with an IMS provider with a referenceable track record of smoothly transitioning its consumers’ services. Once the relationship and processes are established, then infrastructure management service is an extension of your in-house IT team.

What are the IMS benefits?

  • Offers a quick response to any IT-related crises
  • Decreases downtime by carrying out repairs more rapidly
  • Proactively handles devices and networks in a flexible and agile way
  • Contributes to increasing consumer satisfaction and business performance
  • Monitors service performance
  • Streamlines business daily operations and functions to free-up your in-house IT team to concentrate on your overall business strategy
  • Recognizes threats to your network and respond immediately to mitigate their impact


IT infrastructure services have now grown in importance. They are anticipated to help businesses become capable, agile, service-oriented, and secure in delivering unified experiences to end consumers.

Reading the above information, we can say that IT IMS are behind-the-scenes heroes for businesses.

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