• Segment recently launched its Segment Data Lakes, a novel customer data lake that offers the data engineering foundation needed to power advanced analytics and data science use cases.

Segment Inc., a customer data management platform, recently launched a new data lake product that will allow enterprises to do extra with their consumer data. Segment gathers consumer events from mobile apps and websites and offers a complete data toolkit to every team in the consumer’s business.

Segment offers a namesake customer data platform that enterprises can use to collect all the information about their consumer communications and send this collected data to any business or marketing tool where it is required. It lets marketing teams manage collected data effortlessly, without needing to develop their consumer data integrations.

For instance, the Segment’s platform can be used by retailers to combine their own website purchaser data with in-store buying activity. Later, the company might use this dataset in a marketing tool to identify in-demand products that should be prioritized in marketing campaigns.

Segment’s data management platform is specially designed to work with traditional data warehouses, which collects information from a variety of informants so that it can be compared and analyzed for business use. Nevertheless, data warehouses have restrictions as they can only store “structured data.” Thus, it limits businesses to using Structured Query Language-only tools for analysis. Additionally, data warehouses can become expensive to maintain because of the related costs of storage that arise as data sizes proliferate.

“We all know that customer data creates a competitive advantage, but what companies sometimes fail to recognize is that the quality of their data architecture will determine just how significant that advantage really is,” Segment Chief Product Development Officer Tido Carriero said in a statement. “Segment Data Lakes gives data scientists the foundation they need to unlock the full potential of their customer data, so they can build better products and provide world-class customer experiences.”

The novel Segment Data Lakes platform is a specialized customer data lake that allows enterprises to perform more enhanced analytics with their consumer data. “It essentially future-proofs company’s information technology architectures, enabling their analytics operations to scale with the needs of their business,” Segment commented. “It also helps enable new artificial intelligence initiatives that draw on historical data sets that data warehouses were never designed to hold.”

With Segment Data Lakes, enterprises will be able to improve the cost and time to unlock machine learning (ML), scaled analytics, and artificial intelligence (AI) insights with a well-architected data lake. With little efforts, Segment Data Lakes separately elevate each layer of a high-performing scaled customer data lake to deliver robust data architecture installed within moments.

“Customer data is essential to delivering exceptional products and experiences, but since data lakes are difficult to build and maintain, few businesses have the architecture in place to truly make the most of it,” commented Daniel Newman, Principal Analyst at Futurum Research. “As a data lake built specifically for customer data, Segment Data Lakes provides the foundation to unlock complex use cases like machine learning and advanced analytics so that businesses can do more with their data and power deeper personalization of the customer journey.”

Also, Segment commented, “Its new data lake platform is available for customers using Amazon Web Services (AWS) now, with availability on Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud to follow.”

Segment Data Lakes also launched its comprehensive AWS services to boost the utility and performance of your data architecture.

About Segment.io, Inc.

Segment is a leading customer data platform, which is used by numerous companies across the globe to control, collect, and clean their consumer data.