LogicMonitor, the leading cloud-based IT infrastructure monitoring and intelligence platform for modern enterprises, has announced its collaboration with Blue Turtle Technologies, South Africa’s leading enterprise technology management company.

Through the LogicMonitor Partner Network, Blue Turtle has joined in one of the select group of the world’s best resellers, technology integrators, systems integrators, and Managed Service Providers.

“We are delighted to welcome Blue Turtle onboard as a LogicMonitor reseller for the Sub-Saharan Africa region. Our decision to partner with Blue Turtle was driven by their world-class expertise in IT infrastructure and business service management,” said Sanjay Gupta, Global Vice President of Channels and amp; Alliances at LogicMonitor. “Our partners are absolutely essential to LogicMonitor’s global expansion, and the combination of their local expertise and coverage alongside our market-leading cloud-based hybrid infrastructure monitoring intelligence platform will ensure Blue Turtle’s continued success and growth,” he added.

Through leveraging the best-in-class tech offerings from leading multinational vendors, Blue Turtle provides enterprise IT technology and market service management solutions. This collaboration represents LogicMonitor’s dedication to offering the right forum to complement Blue Turtle’s services collection, targeting the cloud’s thriving USD 47 billion demand for IT technology items.

“LogicMonitor’s platform is the perfect tool for managing hybrid IT environments,” said Andrew Parsons, Solution Specialist at Blue Turtle. “Its fully automated and full-stack solutions monitor every aspect of your infrastructure through a single platform, using simplified deployment and operation. With advanced correlation, behavior-based monitoring, and forecasting, the platform is not only a monitoring tool but an optimization one, too.”

LogicMonitor partners can build, resell, integrate, and implement its cloud-based platform to efficiently monitor hybrid IT environments with end-to-end visibility of applications and services, to capitalize on significant recurring revenue. Sales and marketing collaboration, dedicated partner managers, training and certification programs, competitive portfolio differentiation, accelerated onboarding, and automated deal registration are some of the major functions performed by LogicMonitor’s program.