AmaZix Limited, a full-service blockchain consultancy agency, and CertiK, a pioneering blockchain cybersecurity start-up, entered into a strategic partnership to offer an exclusive market security service package for only selected blockchain projects.

Continuous increase in blockchain technology made AmaZix take a step forward to integrate blockchain project security into its offering. The collaboration between the two encouraged the offerings. AmaZix has also included the insurance alternative products CertiKShield and the CertiK Security Oracle now.

Implementing AmaZix’s Community Management services lets blockchain projects increase their security by preventing scamming activities in different communication channels while also providing high quality, live and meaningful engagement between certified representatives and community members.

Moreover, AmaZix’s highly-trained and invested community manager’s 24/7 availability mitigates the spread of FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt), thus minimizing fraudulent attempts.

The CertiKShield and Security Oracle, together through AmaZix’s service pack, help continue its mission to guide blockchain projects in all stages of the lifecycle and let them grow quickly and sustainably.

“Our partnership with CertiK deepens our commitment to Amazix blockchain clients worldwide, and in particular, the burgeoning blockchain, DeFi, and NFT sectors,” said Paulo Anziano, Co-Founder at AmaZix. “We can find no better partner than industry-leading CertiK to enhance Amazix’s value to our customers and to deliver this truly unique and innovative service offering.  This partnership further enhances Amazix’s leadership position as an innovative blockchain agency and consultancy for many years to come.”

AmaZix will continue to offer exemplary community management service. At the same time, CertiK will perform security audits for interested blockchain projects and provide access to its CertiKShield and Security Oracle altogether as a joint service package.

“We are thrilled to announce our partnership with AmaZix, leaders in community management and additional consulting services for initial stage crypto projects,” said Marco Calicchia, Director of Business Development, CertiK. “Bolstering security in their offerings through the inclusion of CertiK’s Auditing and CertiKShield solution demonstrates a commitment to increase reassurance for their project’s community!”

AmaZix’s services’ complemented offer will be accessible only for a limited number of clients focusing on offering the best possible protection for all of their growing projects. With time, this type of comprehensive project protection will soon turn out to be an industry standard.