• The consulting services by BitFlyer are aiming for businesses that are newly discovering the concept of blockchain.
  • The announcement mentions that the new genre of consulting services is a result of several inquiries that came their way.

One of the strongest names in Bitcoin broking around the world and a leading cryptocurrency exchange in Japan, BitFlyer recently took to the media about the launch of its newest consulting service in its blockchain division.

The news that was made available to the public via a press release explained that the birth of its newest service offering is a result of several inquiries.

Further, the announcement sheds light on the company’s vision of focusing on enterprises that are still skeptical and are frequently unsure about “why blockchain.” The new initiative will also assist businesses put together business concepts, project management, planning, and business growth.

These services are promising and aim at assisting business players that are new to the concept and have the urge to explore the potential of new types of blockchain. Additionally, the need to consider the creation of new businesses and business innovation utilizing blockchain has gained some limelight. The press release also emphasized specific businesses, such as finance, manufacturing and distribution, and technology and communications, as possible areas where newer blockchain applications can be explored.

More about the bitcoin consulting services

BitFlyer’s blockchain consulting services are available in addition to the four core services of the company, viz. BaaS (Blockchain as a Service), RegTech, miyabi Core services, and Joint Business.