The blockchain-powered employment site, has acquired talent management technology startup, Talenting. Talenting merged its proprietary full-scale, end-to-end blockchain-powered technology to the platform. Thus, extending’s platform reach and capabilities continuously boosts growth in the hiring and recruitment industry.

Refining how companies attract, hire, and retain talent, has successfully created an all-in-one platform based on blockchain technology. has systematically streamlined the recruitment process to help millions of candidates better discover and execute their next career move. The platform is also capable enough to help employers decide on smarter and less costly hiring and assists recruiters with the technology required to keep people at the center of recruiting.

Acquiring Talenting will privilege with a premier, immutable storage solution for a global cache of workers’ career data. Accessing, controlling, distributing, and securing a lifetime of career information will be just a click away for all the candidates, along with providing employers with a verifiable and trustworthy curation of services and solutions. The new intellectual property and technological infrastructure, including mobile applications, helps streamline and secure the process of accessing and sharing candidate data and also evaluate potential employee viability.

“Blockchain has always been a part of the vision, and adding Talenting to our roster will greatly expand our abilities from end-to-end,” said Co-Founder and Chief Visionary Officer Arran Stewart. “We’re committed to becoming a leader in the human capital industry, and this move expands our ecosystem to better serve all of our clients.”

Bill Inman, Dan Austin, Vinay Kumar, Sal Pazhoor, and Shankar Ramalingam established Talenting back in 2018, intending to create a platform that allows workers to have full control over their employment data. The company’s proprietary, patented, and unique technology bolsters’s inclusive range of offerings, which positions it for significant growth and takes it ahead of other industry players.

“We met Arran Stewart on a panel in 2017 and were immediately impressed by his vision,” said the Talenting Co-Founders in a joint statement. “This is an extraordinary opportunity to join forces with an exceptional group of thought leaders whose goals align well with ours. We’re confident that with our contribution of technology and patented intellectual property, this group is well-positioned to have a huge impact on the human capital industry.’ platform will soon be adding the new technology and features over the coming months as the project’s sales are also completed.