• The Idaho Falls-based crew was instrumental in the infrastructure for the beta release of the company’s own cybersecurity data protection platform.
  • The firm will continue to do research and development to advance its service products, while its cryptocurrency continues to grow.

Everything Blockchain Inc, a development, architecture, and software designer of Blockchain tech, announced the expansion of operations of its Idaho Falls-based Mercury, Inc. The expansion is part of its long-term vision to develop cybersecurity using blockchain and cryptocurrency mining operations.

According to IBM, the average cost of a data breach in the US crossed USD 8.6 million in 2020. Meanwhile, based on FBI reports, internet crime victims lost USD 4.2 billion in the same year. This makes it clear that IT and cybersecurity are more critical today than ever for businesses and individuals alike.

When it comes to opportunities for cybersecurity professionals, several cities stand out, and Idaho Falls, Idaho tops the list of small towns and ranks second on the overall best-of list.  AdvisorSmith’s analysis noted that the city is a major source of regional commercial and healthcare hub. IT security analysts in the area enjoy a notable average salary of more than USD 130,000. The city has three times the industry jobs of the average US city, not to mention the cost of living is 7% less than the national average.

Ever since the acquisition, Everything Blockchain’s Idaho Falls-based Mercury Inc has doubled its operations based on its survey of the western region’s potential. Everything Blockchain’s mining operations in Idaho Falls has recently expanded, generating positive cashflow to the company before the end of this fiscal year (January 31, 2022).

The Idaho Falls-based team played a key role in the infrastructure of the company’s beta release of its cybersecurity data protection platform, which is set to go global in February 2022. Everything Blockchain will continue to undertake research and development into service product developments while expanding its bitcoin mining activity in the Idaho Falls site.

Acquiring Mercury helped the company keep all team members in Idaho Falls intact. With this acquisition, Everything Blockchain aims to grow its Idaho team further.

Experts’ View

“We specifically chose Idaho Falls as the base for our R and amp;D and mining operations based on the region’s established success in cybersecurity and technology, which are incredibly important to business growth and continuity,” said Everything Blockchain CEO Eric Jaffe. “From its geographic location to skilled workforce to affordability, Idaho Falls is a key part of our organization’s strategic growth plan, and we couldn’t be more pleased that we had the foresight to enter into this region last year.”