RubiX, a full-scale Blockchain-as-a-Service (BaaS) and security solutions company, announced the launch of its free, open-source, public blockchain testnet availability with the Blockchain Green Initiative.

The RubiX (RBX) proofchain was created with the intent of facilitating cloud-to-chain migrations for a variety of enterprise-level applications, such as NFTs, DeFi, Payments, Smart Contracts, and Industrial Applications using a proprietary ‘Proof of Harvest’ (POH) Consensus mechanism.

RubiX draws an unparalleled security level as a layer-one solution, combined with a decentralized identity token (DID) that splits non-linearly into private and public shares. The result is a 1,000,000-fold increase in security over Bitcoin’s ECDSA 256 encryption algorithm.

“Our goal was to cut down the Carbon Emissions caused by Bitcoin and other Proof of Work (PoW) based blockchain mining activities, using a secure proof-of-harvest alternative that’s cryptographically superior to the current blockchain platforms,” says Chakradhar Kommera, Chief Technology Officer at RubiX. “Our solution can be used to democratize an unlimited number of industries and is driven by users, not investors. 100% of RubiX tokens are meant for eco-friendly mining without any carbon emissions. Smart contracts and amp; NFTs consume more energy than simple coin transfers with current PoW protocols, hence there is an even bigger need to use sustainable blockchain technology.”

The POH consensus from RubiX is faster (0.25 seconds confirmation) and more secure than competitors as it uses no dedicated power for mining, and it is 100% eco-friendly. An increase in the use of cryptocurrency leads to a rise in the industry’s carbon footprint. RubiX carbon footprint is zero as it uses minimal nodes for POH-based consensus.

RubiX is dedicated to minimizing the environmental effects by not mining POW. Anyone with a computer or smartphone can download the full RubiX node and become a validator and miner without using any additional energy, helping to achieve the objective of a carbon-free economy.

Currently, RubiX manages more than 3 million unique weekly active industrial users, which is more than any other public blockchain.