TRUX, a leading dump truck logistics technology, announced its collaboration with the Blockchain in Transport Alliance (BiTA). BiTA dedicatedly works in determining best practices and standards for blockchain use in the transportation industry. TRUX has joined the ranks of the multitude of global members, including Daimler, Uber Freight, and FedEx.

The TRUX team includes construction industry veterans, hard-working innovators, and technology leaders who present the latest technology to those building nations’ roads, bridges, and buildings.

Under this new partnership, TRUX will be strengthening its position as a technological leader and elaborate its commitment to provide better services to its customers.

“We’re excited to join other like-minded companies with our new BiTA membership,” said Bart Ronan, CEO of TRUX. “By becoming a part of the alliance, we are showcasing our commitment to keeping our users connected with the greatest technology available. Blockchain technology will soon revolutionize the transportation industry, and it’s exciting to be a part of the movement.”

With blockchain technology, users can track and identify transactions digitally and share information across a distributed network of computers within the transportation industry.

Blockchain facilitates TRUX users to track deliveries, drivers, and freight across their supply chains more effectively to help them operate more seamlessly and transparently. The BiTA collaboration will also help build new revenue opportunities and value for members of TRUX by allowing a transaction completion, shipment monitoring, and fleet management system.

“Blockchain technology will transform the TRUX network supply chain by introducing greater transparency, innovation, and efficiency,” said Patrick Duffy, President of BiTA. “We are fortunate to have member companies like TRUX that have the industry experience. The TRUX team will be key players in helping us develop blockchain standards in transportation.”