• UNBLOK allows consumers to earn crypto tokens simply by using apps on their phones and providing data to businesses.
  • The users can exchange the crypto tokens for popular cryptocurrencies, NFTs, and exclusive limited-edition items from social media influencers.

UNBLOK, a revolutionary solution that uses blockchain technology to reward people for simply using their phones, has finally arrived to disrupt the traditional app market research programs.

With traditional incentive-based reward programs, users are obliged to scan receipts, watch ads, complete surveys, and perform other time consuming tedious tasks. UNBLOK has tried to develop a unique user experience where users need not deal with any of these hurdles; they can just continue enjoying their favorite apps. UNBLOK app collects non-identifying analytics data of the user in the backend and shares it with businesses to compete in the marketplace.

In return, users receive crypto tokens for participation. These tokens can be exchanged for popular NFTs, cryptocurrencies, and exclusive limited-edition items from social media influencers.

“UNBLOK makes all traditional incentive-based market research programs obsolete,” commented Jorge Checo, CPP, CFE, Founder of UNBLOK, LLC. “It allows users to spend more time doing what they enjoy on their phones, instead of trying to earn rewards points and miles, and getting stressed out about cashing them in before they expire. UNBLOK is a total game-changer for users and businesses.”

Other features of the app include – users can check their up-to-date crypto token total anytime using a dashboard in the UNBLOK app. It also allows them to track the number of crypto tokens they have generated from specific mobile apps and to adjust their usage pattern to increase earnings.

The UNBLOK app comes with a keyboard that gives free access to metaverse games, avatars, and concerts. A search engine is being developed that will allow users to search for information created on Android and iOS mobile apps.

Mr. Checo added, “Now people can earn crypto for using the apps they use everyday. It doesn’t matter where they live. It is for everyone.”