The Internet of Things (IoT) platform FanPlay has partnered with Microsoft India to hop on its cloud platform, Microsoft Azure. With this partnership, FanPlay aims to enhance customer engagement and final outcomes.

“Integration of Microsoft Azure on FanPlay will enable fans to experience sports and fitness activities in more interactive manner through the advanced wearable technologies with deep analytics and cloud,” said the company in a statement.

Sangeeta Bavi, Director, Startup Ecosystem, Microsoft India, said, “In today’s unprecedented times, we are all reimagining experiences for the virtual world. When sporting events are being held in restricted settings, innovative fan engagement channels become highly relevant. We are excited to collaborate with FanPlayIoT to enhance the experience of sports enthusiasts around the world on their unified digital experience. Being powered by Microsoft’s scalable and secure cloud platform allows FanPlayIoT to engage with varying audiences and improve their experiences with intelligent feedback loops.”

Dr. Mohan Kumar, Founder, FanPlayIoT, said, “We are excited to leverage the power of Microsoft Azure to create a platform that amplifies the passion and emotions of sport enthusiasts in a unique way. SportsTech is poised to scale new heights not just in India but across the world, and we are committed to introducing new innovations for gamifying fan engagement. Our Azure-based platform captures the fan passion quotient in real-time and enables us to reward those super fans through brand partnerships using neuromarketing principles.”

For your information, FanPlay is an organization that helps users optimize their health and wellness. The best health-related expert advice on FanPlay comes from coaches and sports leaders. Therefore, the company is giving a platform to the customers to interact with their favorite players in real-time. This platform also gives rewards to users coming from FanPlay sponsors.

It is an IoT platform being deployed at the time of the Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament to engage with fans of Chennai Super Kings (CSK). It helps the team CSK understand the feeling of millions of fans during the IPL.

Like FanPlay, other start-ups can innovate and build solutions on Microsoft Azure. The tech giant Microsoft is committed to helping start-ups scale their business, optimize their different growth stages, and helping them become enterprise-ready.