• Globalgig is dependent on Thales Adaptive Connect to enable remote IoT systems to download a local mobile subscription without any manual interaction when they are initially powered up or reconnected during a network failure.
  • Thales Adaptive connect is particularly developed to provide the flexibility needed by the IoT sector.

Thales publicly declared a new strategic partnership with Global Connectivity service provider, Globalgig for the world’s first global deployment of Thales Adaptive Connect, an innovative solution that aids the smart connection of massive IoT devices fleets.

Developed on eSIM (embedded SIM) technology, Thales Adaptive Connect efficiently allows IoT devices to connect and utilize the most appropriate subscription when powered up in the field.

As per reports, approximately one billion eSIM enabled IoT devices will be deployed globally by 2025. Unlike other consumer products, IoT devices are commonly placed in remote and unattended locations. Globalgig decided to choose Thales remote connectivity management solution to address this global demand to hold up this predicted huge IoT deployment stake.

Thales Adaptive connect is particularly developed to provide the flexibility needed by the IoT sector, leveraging integrated eSIM and remote subscription management. Any system at rest or in movement can be activated from anywhere, eliminating the need to preload a mobile subscription on the production line. With this latest tool, Global Connectivity Service vendors like Globalgig- and a group of operators – can provide real-time and seamless remote connectivity to IoT service providers with zero impact on device manufacturing and logistics operations.

Therefore, Thales Adaptive Connect provides compelling benefits to IoT and Global connectivity Service vendors, helping deploy new valuable services and device manufacturers as single devices can now serve all markets. It will now be more accessible for stakeholders to offer innovative and economic IoT use cases for their end-users and clients, gratitude to a service continuity assured by Thales.

Experts’ View:

“Thales Adaptive Connect is the only solution of its kind on the market. Fitting perfectly with our commitment to innovation and transformation, it represents an unprecedented opportunity to offer exceptional connectivity services throughout the IoT ecosystem. We have already signed up a number of major clients,” Chief Revenue Officer for Globalgig UK, Mark Castle, said.

“Enabling a myriad of exciting use cases, ranging from smart metering to smart cities, massive IoT deployments are set to transform the quality of everyday life. By partnering with Globalgig for the first-ever deployment of Thales Adaptive Connect, we are dramatically streamlining the process of creating, connecting, and supporting these IoT devices. Quite simply, Thales Adaptive Connect is going to make the future happen faster,” SVP Mobile Connectivity Solutions at Thales, Emmanuel Unguran, said.